Smart Home Producer Positioned in PRC

October 25, 2017Smart.Rebranding

Smart Home Producer Positioned in PRC

Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co.,LimitedLimited

Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co.,Limited. is the global foremost provider for IOT(Internet of Things) items and solutions. Based upon the demands from our clients, we pursue to innovate and head the industry of IOT sensor, controller, mobile IOT as well as cloudcloud-computing. In accordance with the comprehensive advantages in the domains of sensor and controller, wulian has become a master in the IOT age.

At this point, our merchandise and technologies are already commonly chosen in a large number of major projects around the globe. Furthermore, we developed into the well known technical supporter for establishing Smart City in many locations across the world. We aspire to make people experiencing the real life by different varieties of detectors, to help people attain information and facts more freely, more instantly, and additionally far more equally, to eliminate the mistaken factors of info. With a purpose to slow up the influence of global warming and disasters, we studied the environmentally friendly low-carbon solutions, to aid the user to develop a fit lifestyle.


OEM Smart Plug from Chinese Producer, Smart Switch, Smart Home Gateway, Smart Locks, Smart Alarms, and so on

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Home office Location: NO.12, Mozhou East Rd, Nanjing, PRC
Official Web:
Telphone: 400-889-2891/ +86-25-52262193


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