Elecam REXSO Explorer Dual 4K Action Camera Review & Sample Footage

January 5, 2018Smart.Rebranding

The review of the Elephone REXSO Explorer Dual Sports Camera.
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The Elecam Explorer Dual REXSO is the latest 4K action camera from the smartphone manufacturer elephone. This camera is powered by the Novatek 96660 Processor. In this video you will be able to check out sample video recordings and sample pictures and much more.

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Disadvantages And Benefits Of Elephone REXSO Explorer K

Why you should Purchase Elephone REXSO Explorer K Water resistant 4K Action Camera: 1. The 1st reason to order is for the 4K video recording feature. The resolution of the sensor is of 16 mega pixels. The quality of the 4K video is superior. The colors, saturation, brightness and contrast levels are all even. By the way, it supports a lower resolution of 1080P and 720P. 2. Then, Elephone REXSO Explorer K 4K Action Camera is the processor under the hood which is powered by Huawei HiSilicon JI3559 chipset. It works correctly without having problems or issues. 4K video recording is really smooth which even supports RAW format, supports H.265 code and image compression algorithm too. There is not any heating issues even though the device is being run for a long time. 3. It supports a variety of different slow motion formats. The first one is the 120 fps (frames per second) in 720P resolution and 60 fps in 1080P resolution. 4. Another reason to buy is for the anti-shake feature. It is being handled by 6 axis stabilization which is an optical image stabilization technology. 5. The battery volume is 1200 mAh which takes nearly 2 hours for charging from 0 % to 100 Percent. The standby time is nearly 4 hour and running time is 90 minutes in 1080p at 30 frames per second. 6. The lens over the sensor is of wide angle lens. The max field of view is 170 degree. 7. Wireless transferring media files can be performed through Wi-Fi. 8. One more great feature of the device is for the IP68 rating which is for waterproof. The maximum distance it can reach is 30 meters in depth or Thirty minutes. Furthermore it is also dust proof. This is one of the very few rugged 4K action camera. 9. Yes, it does have the time-lapse feature for taking wonderful time lapse video which is automatically processed internally. 10. And the last perk is that it supports memory storage as much as 64 GB. Reasons Not to Purchase Elephone REXSO Explorer K Waterproof 4K Action Camera 1. The main negatives is the resolution of the 2 inch display. Its of only 320x240pixels. Overview: Except the screen resolution, it is all decent.

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