China-based Bluetooth LE Module and NTC Thermistor Supplier

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China-based Bluetooth LE Module and NTC Thermistor Supplier

Shenzhen T-Elek Technology Co., Ltd.

As being a technology-based business enterprise, our firm is engaged in designing, development and trading high precision and microminiature NTC(Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistors, temperature sensors, connectors, robotic equipment of connectors as well as nRF52832 Bluetooth Low Energy modules.

Since the establishment of our firm, we have been helping purchasers from all walks of life with qualified professional spirit and already have received a superior status among the clients.

In 1994, we evolved into the premier international agent of Shibaura Japan – the world’s biggest NTC manufacturer.

In the year 1997, the annual sales of NTC thermistors came to 2,600,000 pieces, and we started a manufacturing area to make temperature detectors.

In 2000, we cooperated with KUKI Electronics Co., Ltd. in Japan and employed the automatic equipment to manufacture microminiature and high precision NTC thermistors.

In 2002, we made constant-temperature slots, the control accuracy is within the range of -0.005 to 0.005 centigrade.

In 2003, we set up the dept . of connectors and automatic equipment of connectors, committed to designing, developing, processing and even assembling.

In 2006, we successfully obtained ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System qualification and UL certificates of NTC thermistors.

In the year 2007, the annual product sales of NTC thermistors came to 20 million pieces.
Our products are typically utilized in air-conditioners, chillers, water heaters, water fountains, thermo-hygrographs, thermostats, health-related instruments, fire security alarms, electric powered rice cookers, induction ovens, micro-wave ovens, coffee pots and cigarette drying.

We promise to supply specialist design, excellent products, and furthermore sincere services to every single purchaser. What is more, we’ll enhance the distribution of development and productivity resources, in an attempt to present continuously-improved solutions and products to purchasers.

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PhonePhone Number: +86-18820872567
Location: Rm. 2005-2007-X, Block A, Jiahehuaqiang Building, North Huaqiang, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland

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